Starfish Nursery

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Nursery Session

Starfish Nursery, Guilford


DATE: 51 weeks of the year                     TIME: 9.00-11.00am


COURSE TYPE: Nursery                        YEAR GROUPS: All classes

VENUE: Starfish Nursery                     PRICING: FREE

IMPORTANT: This course is only open to children who attend this nursery.

In2Sport have created a yearly programme which covers a number of different sports from football & rugby to thinking games & targets. Our programme is exclusive to In2Sport and can’t be found anywhere else.

Each week the children will take part in a different activity developing the children’s physical ability and awareness and building their confidence.

We have created a sticker chart in line with the EYFS framework and each session children are awarded stickers based on 4 areas:

Skill level - showing competence in activities, completing tasks correctly

Active Learning - being involved & concentrating, maintaining focus on their activity

Creating & Thinking Critically - having their own ideas, making links and noticing patterns

Playing & Exploring - being willing to ‘have a go’, showing a ‘I can’ attitude.


This allows parents the chance to see what sports their child is excelling in at an early age. Our aim is for all children to have the basic skills in agility, balance, co-ordination as well as individual, paired and small group games by the time they go to school.


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